- How to combat the on-going drain of young adults in rural areas

The aim of the project is a joint development of tools for lifelong learning.


• Improve the access to lifelong learning for young adults: to provide high quality AE by learning centres and facilitate an academic career by the use od distance education.

• Encourage and support the young adults to take over already existing small enterprises.

• Develop the the use of social media and the opportunity for young adults in rural areas to inspire each other and to increase their influence on local democracy.

The partnership includes partner organisations from Ireland, Sweden, Romania and Iceland and consist of both AE providers, rural action associations with close links to popular education movements and Teachers union of Ireland with excellent knowledge about the work conditions for staff in adult education.

An "Opposing Force" training manual will be developed for teacher/trainers working with young adults aimed to inspire learning centres and AE providers in rural areas to participate in the combat against the on going drain of young adults in rural areas.

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